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Moving Tips

Don’t let your international move become a hassle. Call 1-800 Shipping, Inc today for a free moving estimate and let us take care of everything for you from packing to shipping!

Keep an Inventory

When packing your stuff, be sure to keep a brief inventory of your items in each box. For example, box 1 clothes, box 2 books, box 3 shoes… Not only will we need it, it will keep you organized throughout the moving and shipping process.

Donate Unwanted Items

Before packing your items, donate anything you haven’t used in a while or just don’t need. You’ll lesson your overall shipping volume which will help keep down the shipping costs.

Packing Materials

If you choose to pack yourself, protect your belongings with the high-quality packing materials so everything will stay safe during transit. If you’re unsure of how to pack your items, let 1-800 Shipping, Inc take care of it for you!

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Auto Shipping

Get your car ready for shipment and make sure that it is empty of any personal belongings. Take pictures or make note of any scratches, dents or damage that may already be there so you can compare once the car is delivered.

Keep Your Essentials Nearby

While packing your stuff, it’s best to pack a separate and distinctive box with the essential items you’ll need for your first night or two in your new home. Be sure to keep this box with you for easy access after your international move.