Philip graduated from Harding University in 1998 and the USC School of Law in 2002. In 2006 Philip moved to the South Pacific and served as Senior Litigation Partner for an international law firm that focused its practice on commercial transactions and admiralty/maritime cases. He then moved back to the U.S. and worked as a general counsel for a corporation before joining the team at 1-800 Shipping as our Senior Vice President of Sales.  Now he uses his legal expertise and his time spent abroad to help customers navigate the intricacies of international shipping. 


"No problem is too big, and no issue is too small. I want our customers to realize we can solve any complex issue that may arise. Plus, it doesn't matter whether someone is shipping a fleet of containers or a single boxed item, I am going to make sure our team handles your goods with the highest degree of attention and care. We are here to make your transition as seamless and stress-free as possible."

Philip Murphy

My Commitment...

Relationships are best built and then grown by persons being present in every moment and interaction. As a proud husband and father, I have discovered the importance of being focused on the here and now. I strive to be intentional in everything I do. By carrying this awareness over into my profession, I have seen tremendous improvement in my ability to tend to the needs of my clients.  I am committed to relentlessly pursuing the best shipping outcome every time. 

I look forward to future opportunities and welcome all contact. Time is a gift, and I thank you for yours.

Tom Jacob

In everything that I do I strive to be ‘others focused.’ This is a goal that has developed in me throughout my time spent doing humanitarian work in Africa and my experiences in the corporate world in the US. My children know that I will ask them if they have been ‘others focused’ throughout the day, and that is one question of many. As an avid question asker, I believe that success is defined by a person’s ability to proactively serve others, and the best way to discover another person’s needs is by asking the right questions. These are the priorities that I bring to my clients, with an understanding of the degree of importance placed on a positive shipping experience. My goal is to serve you by meeting your shipping needs in the most effective way.




Chris Nicholson

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